jueves, noviembre 01, 2007

Organic or not organic

I have been crazy about buying only organic stuff lately and I just started wondering How in hell are we sure that all of the ingredients listed are organic? Lets just talk about Shampoo they do list ingredients that are or could be organic, lavender, olive oil, Malva, chamomile, fennel, avocado, lemon, verbena, etc ( Sound like a cocking recipe of some sort) and then they hit you with GUAR HYDROPOXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM CHOLORIDE (just to name one so the post does not become a testament) Can that be organic? Are we just being ripped off out of pure environmental naiveness (if the word does not exist it is my fault, but you get the idea).
Organic stuff is twice more expensive if not more than the "regular stuff" which, surprisingly, have a lot of the same ingredients. How can we make an informed decision on what it is worth buying. Organic Shampoo versus just Shampoo. To be or not to be that is the question.
I am convinced that buying products that are organically grown are good for you like fruits, cereals and veggies. But how about the other stuff , things like can goods, detergents, paper, indoor plants(a bit ridiculous to me), beverages and so many more things out there in the market nowadays. Can somebody Light the way here?

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CUCHITA dijo...

nee negra, has comido organico toda tu vida, ya es tiempo de lo no organico jejejje


jajaja Buena respuesta. la cosa no es la comida hija mia.

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