miércoles, noviembre 07, 2007

Otro mas

Otro mas
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Mother in law Peyote?

Este lo hice para la el cumple de la suegra! ojala le guste. Keep your fingers crossed
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detalles detalles

un detalle pequenhino
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This one was my Sepentula personality coming out.
Its is all stitch out COOL.
I had no idea what i wanted when I started stitching.
I like the chaos design part of it.
Mucho de mi personalidad sale en este collarejo, serpenteado y verdoso jajajaja.
No tenia ni idea de el resultado final cuando empece. Mucho de mi trabajo creativo se basa en la teoria del caos.
Que posiblemente sucks some times!
But this piece I love.

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Jewelery mood

Knotting pearls anyone?
This one is my first project of this kind and I think it turn out pretty Cool and Fancy.
My primer proyecto con perlitas y se ve maravilloso.
Obviamente es mejor puesto! Awesome
Este lo hice especialmente para mi mami para regalo de navidad. She looooves pearls!
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jueves, noviembre 01, 2007

Roberto The builder

The Bolivian Roberto the Builder '"Pijchando"
HE had so much candy that evening
Comio dulces hasta enfermarse.
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Organic or not organic

I have been crazy about buying only organic stuff lately and I just started wondering How in hell are we sure that all of the ingredients listed are organic? Lets just talk about Shampoo they do list ingredients that are or could be organic, lavender, olive oil, Malva, chamomile, fennel, avocado, lemon, verbena, etc ( Sound like a cocking recipe of some sort) and then they hit you with GUAR HYDROPOXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM CHOLORIDE (just to name one so the post does not become a testament) Can that be organic? Are we just being ripped off out of pure environmental naiveness (if the word does not exist it is my fault, but you get the idea).
Organic stuff is twice more expensive if not more than the "regular stuff" which, surprisingly, have a lot of the same ingredients. How can we make an informed decision on what it is worth buying. Organic Shampoo versus just Shampoo. To be or not to be that is the question.
I am convinced that buying products that are organically grown are good for you like fruits, cereals and veggies. But how about the other stuff , things like can goods, detergents, paper, indoor plants(a bit ridiculous to me), beverages and so many more things out there in the market nowadays. Can somebody Light the way here?

martes, octubre 30, 2007

It is starting to bother me the fact that some of my friends think that my life is so wonderful and easy . The fact of the matter is that being at stay at home mom is no laughable matter --why you might ask yourself--- Well for starters if your child is not at a school age he needs you all the time and if he or she does not have a sibling ( now we are talking about two poopers in the house) you are the one who has to entertain the little booguer 18/7 ( lets say that they are asleep some times) Just try to squish a nice bubble bath between breakfast ( two hours trying to get him to eat something) snack time before lunch which means something at around 10 a.m SO two hours of breakfast from 7 to 9 a.m snack at 10 and lunch at 12:00 ---You are at the table the whole morning. Then comes nap time "the savior" you want that time for yourself so badly that you brew a cup of tea or coffee and sit still as still as can be hoping not to make a noise, and praying for the mail man not to come with a big package so he will not have to ring the door bell and wake the kid up. Anyway those precious 45 min of nap on which you can only dream about bubble baths and pedicures and spa treatments will be gone as soon as you star enjoying you cup of tea.
However my friends If the kid does not wake up after 45 minutes we star to worry -- is he breathing, is he cold or maybe he is to hot -- even worse Did he put a fuzzy in his nose and now he cannot breathe???????
So there the most relaxed 45 minutes of the day are at NAP time. I am not even going to start on the other stuff you have to figure out ...Laundry, cooking, games to play, pay the bills, check you e-mail, write in your blog, chat with friends.
Just to let you guys know I am in no way complaining.
If a Father reads this what do you thing about it I will like to know. My husband say that he is so jealous of me and my time at home with our son.

Disfraces- customes

what kid does not have a couple of plastic tools this one is all about teh beloved thrift store . LOVE IT the recycling part of it makes me much more happy.
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going back

The day is coming closer and closer.
Estoy yendo a visitar mi familia en Sud America Cochabamba bolivia para ser exactos YUpyyyyyyy. A little stressfull too!!!!
To much packing to do presents to buy ohhhh boy!
Have you enjoyed visiting family after a year of just being by yourself and no reunions and parties to go to?

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